Goeland bague

Since 2009, 15,000 Ring-billed Gulls have been marked near Montreal by UQAM researchers with US Geological Survey metal bands and blue or yellow plastic bands with 3 alphanumeric codes. In 2013, researchers from M.I.T. and the Massachusetts Departement of Conservation and Recreation have started using the same scheme with blue or red plastic bands and 3 codes. Nearly 700 birds have been marked. If you observed one of these banded gulls, you can report your sighting using this form. We will send you details about the age, the date, and the location where the bird was marked. If you have a picture showing the code of the color band, you can send it so that we can validate your sighting.

 If you have observed a gull (any species) with another type of marker, please check the list of other marking programs in eastern North America. You can report your sightings directly to these researchers. You can also find details about other gull marking programs, especially of European species, on the Gull Research Organisation web site.